Specializing in Chronic Conditions
The care you want - The results you need

We offer doctor direct in home Functional Medicine services
Services are provided in multiple forms and formats
Programs Range From:  
Online condition specific health recovery video courses
Doctor directed one on one condition specific health recovery programs 
Programs can be provided via telephone, face time, skyp 
Advanced laboratory testing is offered as needed
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Our Services
We are Specialized in Functional Medicine.
  1. Online Health Courses
    These online health courses are created to educate our patients & clients with the purpose of health recovery in mind. These are condition specific courses put together in a step by step easy to follow format
  2. Functional Medicine
    Through advanced testing and all natural methods we help our patient overcome a variety of chronic conditions allowing them to live a full and rich life Long Distance Consultations Available
  3. One on One Programs
    We offer long distance condition specific health recovery programs. You speak directly and regularly to the doctor who designs a recovery program just for you.

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How the Programs Work

Clinic Founder
Dr Mark Dailey graduate from Life College of Chiropractic, passed four National Board Examinations and two State boards. He also graduated from Functional Medicine University, has advanced Certification in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Thyroid Treatment, as well as The Brain & Neurotransmitters